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Check & Connect – Opportunity to Participate

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Check & Connect – State Supported Intervention Opportunity:

Many districts have expressed an interest in implementing the state-supported intervention Check & Connect. To support those districts who would like to implement this program during the 2018-2019 school year, you are invited to attend a Preparation and Implementation Training session on September 6, 2018. This is a requirement for all districts intending to send personnel to be trained as mentors.

This session will provide your district with information on the background, philosophy, and implementation strategies for the Check & Connect model. It will assist districts to identify the structures and personnel necessary to implement Check & Connect with fidelity.

Districts who wish to implement Check & Connect should register two district administrators or leadership personnel for the Preparation and Implementation Training.  Districts may register to attend the initial training on September 6, 2108. The sessions will be held at GaDOE and will be from 8:30-3:30.

Once you have selected the initial date for administrators to attend, you will then be able to select dates for the two-day mentor training. Districts may send up to ten (10) participants per district to the initial training.

Please note that to assure implementation fidelity, there is a set limit on the number of individuals who can participate in each C&C training session. Registration for the session (both the one-day Preparation and Implementation and subsequent mentor trainings) will be on a first come, first served basis. If you have questions, please contact Lynn Holland or Jeannie

If you are a district new to Check & Connect, use this link to register:

 District/Mentor Check and Connect

Important: If you are a district already implementing and/or have Check & Connect as part of your CEIS plan, there may be spaces available in the mentor trainings that are being held the week of August 27th. If you would like to have staff trained to be mentors during this time, please contact Jeannie Morris as soon as possible.

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