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What is Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive education is a schoolwide culture and practice of valuing each student as a learner across general education classrooms, rather than a particular program or place. Inclusion provides students with disabilities equitable access and opportunity in the general education curriculum and ensures that each student receives the educational resources and rigor they need at the right moment in their education. In inclusive schools, educators’ roles are restructured for shared accountability and responsibility. Learners who need differentiated support and additional intervention receive it. School leaders use schedules, teacher teams, and data to ensure the academic progress and success of each student.

What is the MISSION of Inclusive Leadership?

Create an inclusive learning environment for each student through advancing inclusive principal leadership. Ensure each student excels and feels safe, supported, and valued in school. High expectations have been established and provide appropriate supports for all students.
These expectations play an essential role in improving instruction, promoting collaboration between general and special education teachers and retaining effective teachers.

Who is the primary audience for learning about and implementing inclusive leadership practices?

Equity is imperative to keeping Georgia’s students first! Inclusive principals create strong school cultures and distribute leadership across staff to serve all learners well and ensure all students feel safe, supported, and valued in school. In promoting equity for “all,” inclusive principals must respond effectively to the potential and needs of each student. Inclusive principals ensure high expectations and appropriate supports so that each student—across race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family background, and/or family income—can excel in

Why Inclusive Leadership Matters – VIDEO

For more information: FACT SHEET and COMMUNICATION PLAN

Additional Resources:

Promoting Principal Leadership for the Success of Students with Disabilities

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